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 CURTIS JENNY by Artist Ronald Suchiu

curtis jenny

curtis jenny

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"curtis jenny"

We have all heard the story about the country fair with the Big Top Tents, the homemade taffy apples and maple fudge, and where the Merry-Go-Round was the main ride at the carnival. That is the setting for this scene. "Jenny The Flying Sorceress". Picture Hollywood′s stunt pilots and those reckless daredevils balancing on the wings of a Jenny, hovering above it all. What made these men so

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Documentary filmmaker Dorian W. writes: The painting arrived and WOW and OUTSTANDING! It will look great in the film.

adventurous? The thrill? A dare? One thing
for certain,   it was not for the few dollars
a day these men earned. As many have gazed at
this breathtaking scene, all sorts of stories
have come to their mind, whether   as a
wing-walker or an excited spectator.

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