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Eric Burdon in "house of the rising sun" - signed by Eric Burdon

Eric Burdon in

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"house of the rising sun"
Within the past three years a fantastic
treasure has been discovered in the dark yet
beautiful French Quarter district of New

This treasure is not that of gold . . .
instead it is one of incredible cultural
value. When the song "House of the Rising
Sun" was originally written this famous
brothel was believed to be only a mythical

Until one day just a couple of years ago an
electrical contractor was running new wiring
through the walls of an old boarding house on
St. Louis St.

The "House of The Rising Sun is one of our
newest limited edition releases. You do
remember the song don′t you? Anyone who has
ever tried to play guitar would have learned
to play this piece of music. Well, when Eric
Burdon of the Animals wrote this song he
borrowed some of the lyrics from an old 18th
century folk song. At the time that Eric′s
song was released back in the 1960s no one
really knew if the "House of The Rising Sun"
was an actual Orlean's brothel or if it was
simply a myth.

Well, guess what? About three years ago a
prominent lawyer in New Orleans was
renovating an old boarding house that was
left to her by her late husband.  As they
were running new wires through the old walls
a contractor shone his flashlight into a
small hole that he had made in the wall and
noticed a large white fluted pillar that had
been cocooned beneath the drywall. Shining
his light upwards he could make out what
seemed to be the glimmer of gold reflecting
back to him. As they tore down more and more
old walls and ceilings, artwork began to
appear and it was soon very apparent what
this house had once been used for.

This was the world′s most famous brothel
hidden right in the middle of the Old French
Quarter of New Orleans... the actual one that
was legendary for its slaves, voodoo and

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Eric Burdon in All of Ronald Suchiu's remarques are original watercolor paintings not mere pencil sketches. Ronald Suchiu takes the print you have ordered and personally paints a remarque onto it. This definitely adds to the collectable value of your artwork.

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Eric Burdon was soon invited to view the
house that he had sung about so many years
before and Ron was invited to visit the house
because of the painting he was about to do.

Knowing that the house would never be opened
to the public, Ron has been offered the
privilege of showing the world things that
they would otherwise never be allowed to see.
In his painting Ron has portrayed the back
and the front of this famous house. But the
story is just beginning

"The Real Voodoo Curse" is a free short story
written by SUCHIU about his bizarre
experience with the House of the Rising Sun
believe it or not... it's a true story!

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