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John Belushi in "The Twelve Decibels" - signed by Judy Belushi

John Belushi in "The Twelve Decibels"

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 John Belushi in "The Twelve Decibels" - remarque All of Ronald Suchiu's remarques are original watercolor paintings not mere pencil sketches. Ronald Suchiu takes the print you have ordered and personally paints a remarque onto it. This definitely adds to the collectable value of your artwork.

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Fans & collectors comments:  (click here to leave a comment)

Billy Belushi (John's brother): Thank you for keeping my Brother's memory alive.

Billy Belushi (John's brother): Judy has sent me "The Twelve Decibels" I absolutely love it. Thank you, I love the touch of putting my name on the name tag.

Mike: A) Fantastic painting. I might have replaced one of the SNL figures with Earl Keese, Belushi's ffinal role, but otherwise fantastic. B) Is that the real Judy Belushi commenting ^?? Wow, I read 'Samurai Widow' and it was not only an interesting read about John, and your relationship but may I also say that you came across as a genuinely funny and interesting woman. Also read the 'Belushi' book from a few years back. Again, great.

Judy Belushi: Love it! Love it! Love it! I can't wait to see it (the real thing) some day. This painting is sheer genius! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Gerry: I counted the images twice & then I read and now know who the 13th DECIBEL is .........very good

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