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 PUDDLE PALS by Artist Ronald Suchiu

puddle pals

puddle pals

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"puddle pals"

Welcome to the world of Puddle Pals and happy memories of times past. The times of caring and sharing and enjoying the cool crisp autumn days. The times of burning leaves, dust-settling showers, morning frosts and evening family-gatherings and don't forget the sticky marshmallow roasts. "You can't help being pulled into the scene ... as it forces you to become young again!" Check the fine detail of tomboy Carolyne and her curious pup.

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 puddle pals - remarque All of Ronald Suchiu's remarques are original watercolor paintings not mere pencil sketches. Ronald Suchiu takes the print you have ordered and personally paints a remarque onto it. This definitely adds to the collectable value of your artwork.

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Suchiu's picture/story even includes four
apples for the horse!

Meet the Puddle Pals, Carol and Carol, at
Ron′s actual house. Neighbors and
friends since their preschool days. Together
they experience and discover their world.
They search for boat able puddles after
autumn showers. Then their attention turns to
the crimson leaves nestled into the banks at
the road′s edge.

Once the horse receives its apple ration, the
pals skip merrily homeward, obediently
followed by Jody the pup, and join Grandpa in
the gazebo for a story and a treat.

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