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June 2007


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Ronstock a Huge Success!

From the desk of
Colleen Suchiu

Well our 10th annual Ronstock was a great success and it is all thanks to everyone who showed up and joined in the fun and laughter.  I phone called over 2,000 people to remind everyone not to miss this event.  We emailed, put up signs and had a notice in the Windsor Star.  It all w0rked!  The weather was perfect, well ok maybe a little hot but that slushy machine sure helped.

Ronstock 2007 cake

Colleen Suchiu/Publicist

The Windsor Corvette Club showed up on Saturday and display of all of their beautiful vehicles. Thanks so much for adding to our event folks. We have a lot of people who add their personal touch to help make our Ronstock event a little more special each year. Being in this business for over 20 years we have had the pleasure of meeting and developing relationships with our wonderful customers, and it is amazing how many of them add things to our events. I can’t even count the number of years that Bev Thompson has sent over her cakes for all of us to devour. She is quite the cake artist. Most of you probably don’t get to see the whole cake with the fun chariture of Ron on it, because the cake is so good it gets cut into the minute we put it out!

cake - Ronald Suchiu

Colleen Suchiu/Publicist

Rick Wismer has demonstrated the art of slushies to us for several years now and Ron always insists that one of them be a cuppacino.  And then there is behind the scenes,  Jim & Trish

Could it be?

"Could it be? Presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani stopped in at Ronstock! How does Suchiu do it? "

Parker from Parker Construction are always there when we need to move a car, add some power equipment. This year they brought us huge industrial fans so that we could keep the air moving and cooler. Many of Ronald Suchiu and Bob Saul you are probably getting use to seeing our friends Barb and Bob Saul who started out as and still are good customers. They help us with all of our events and Bob even fills in on a Saturday every now and then just because he enjoys Ron’s art so much.  And to think all these people have full time jobs elsewhere, but take the time to add their own talents.  There are a lot of others that I have not mentioned that also just drop little gifts of Barb Saul chocolate, bake goods, wine etc., for us to relax and enjoy when the dust settles and the last chair is put away.  It’s people like you that make us come in everyday and say, “WE LOVE OUR JOBS!"

So from Ron and myself to all of our wonderful customers, THANK-YOU, THANK-YOU, THANK-YOU!

And The Winners Are!
(Drum Roll Please)

1st Price Winner - Marilyn Allen

1st Price Winner - Marilyn Allen

2nd Price Winner - Sue Marcoux

2nd Price Winner - Sue Marcoux

Our 3rd prize winner was Al Lloyd and our 4th prize winner was Twijla Lloyd (no relation).

Lots of New Art

We are happy to say that Ron has been in his

studio painting his little heart out and had a lot to unveil at this Ronstock. He launched three new pieces plus produced our Ronstock giveaway print.

Mull of Kintyre

He finished a masterful piece entitled Mull of Kintyre. This was Paul McCartney’s biggest hit in the UK. A beautiful song, click on the title above or picture below and listen to the song while you view this newest piece of art. Mull of Kintire - Suchiu painting The response was amazing and many pieces were ordered at Ronstock. If you’re a McCartney fan or just love the tranquil scenery of Scotland you will love this one.

HMS Detroit

Ron also painted a sweet piece of history from

HMS Detroit - Suchiu painting

Amherstburg/Windsor area the tall-ship HMS Detroit. The image is in the style of a rendering rather than a scene and looks like it came right out of a historical document. This is a great piece of our history and would look wonderful in any office or den.

City of Roses

Ron was commissioned to do this piece for a company in Windsor who are sending it to their head office in Japan. What an honour. We are all aware City of Roses - Suchiu painting that Ron must use his talent to “make the world a better place”, so he has decided to print this piece and donate part of the proceeds to breast cancer research. This painting has such a serene feeling to it. If you need a gift to remind someone, who is retiring or leaving the area what a beautiful sight Windsor can be, this is a piece you may want to consider.

Ronstock Moments

Ronstock 2007 Moments

"Yes you're cute,
but we like your car"

Siesta time after a long fun-filled day at Ronstock

"Siesta time after a long fun-filled day at Ronstock"

Great fun + first-rate music + terrific people + fabulous art + delicious food = SUCCESS

"Great fun + first-rate music + terrific people + fabulous art + delicious food = SUCCESS!"