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April 2007


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The Inside Scoop on Suchiu Art

From the desk of Colleen Suchiu

Since January we have journeyed on business trips to San Diego California, Mexico and New York City all to advance the name of Suchiu Art. Ron has been commissioned this year so far for 4 paintings and is doing another, which you will read about below, just for the fun of it. An art television show, to be hosted by Ron, is in the works in New York City. A very interesting proposal has come to us offering the possibility of a gallery in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. It has been an exciting first three months of the year 2007!

Colleen Suchiu - Suchiu Art

Colleen Suchiu/Publicist

"Allow us to take you for a brief tour of things to come this year in Suchiu Art."

Painting 1

- Is a commission portraying the Windsor waterfront. An international company based here in Windsor is sending this Suchiu original to be hung in the main entrance of their head office in Japan.
City of Roases - Suchiu painting

Painting 2

- Remember the sketch Ron did many years ago entitled Tecumseh Departure? Here is a link to it tecumseh departure.

Ron has always wanted to paint this scene, but change it a little to a handsome old railroad station with a one of the classic earlier diesel awaiting departure. Many of you will remember the Wabash trains that used to travel through Windsor.

F7 Diesel Engine - Suchiu painting

"We obviously caught Ron off-guard in his studio half way through his current painting"

There will be a low number of Giclée prints made with regular prices and our pre-production prices as follows:

350sn @ $125.00 pre-production price $100.00
Save $25.00
35ap @ $250.00 pre-production price $200.00
Save $50.00
10pp @ $500.00 pre-production price $400.00
Save $100.00

All of these limited editions will be printed on our in-house Giclée machine.  They are produced using the very same canvas that Ron paints on.  When framing, you have the choice of putting glass over it or leaving it like the original oil painting.

If you are interested in ordering one or more of these railroad station prints or if you have any questions just give us a call at 1-800-563-6306 or local to Windsor 519-776-5767.

Painting 3

Reflections of Eden - Suchiu painting

– Is the second commission ordered by Marcia, our new originals collector from Chicago. The first project Ron did for her was Reflections of Eden check it out at reflections of eden .  She loved her Suchiu Art original so much that she has purchased another for her other home in Florida. Marcia’s son has also ordered an original creation by Ron.

San Diego Commission Painting

Kathleen, Ron, George in San Diego

C. Suchiu/San Diego

Painting 4

 Ron has been hired to create a painting for a champion golfer in California.  For the time being it is dubbed Suchiu’s Life Legacy On Canvas.  George flew the two of us down to his beautiful estate and put us up in his guesthouse for a few days so that Ron could get to know him and his wife Kathleen better and understand what he was after in his painting.

We now know that the painting will be a surreal piece depicting bookmarks in his life. George is a very interesting man with a great outlook on life.  A self-made millionaire who started out by slinging a hammer roofing barns in Iowa to make money to put himself through college.  He is extremely uplifting and such a joy to be around you would not know that he has an incurable form of Lymphoma.

He is flying us back to San Diego in October to attend a large birthday party/art show to introduce Ron to his circle of friends and unveil the new painting.  This should be an adventure.  He keeps telling us that we are so different from his “normal” group of friends.  “Ron is so imaginative and artistic compared my life and friends who are analytical and very systematic”.

The(Not Too) Starving Artist Show

Painting 5

Suchiu’s New
Synergy Art

At the Suchiu unveiling last October in Chicago Ron announced a new type of art that he has created.  He calls the new paintings his synergy pieces.  He offers several canvases of varying sizes and colors with a different background on each.  The client must choose one.  He then gets them to quickly paint anything they want on it, ending their short session with the signing their name in the lower left hand corner.  He then takes the piece back to his studio to allow his artistic insight or some might say his Transylvanian psyche to bring out the details that the canvas has hidden inside of its image.  What a conversation piece?  There has been a lot of interest.  He may also incorporate Synergy Art into his TV show and have his celebrity guest’s work on them.

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From Colleen, Ron Suchiu and Staff



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