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Ronstock - Annual Event

  • Live music
  • Free hot dogs, pop & chips
  • Free limited edition print
  • Special framing prices
  • Official unveiling of Suchiu′s newest paintings

Christmas Open House - Annual Event

  • Special framing prices


Newsletter - May, 2012

Inside this issue:

  • Ronstock 2012
  • The Bluenose II
  • John Belushi - The Twelve Decibels
  • Titanic Stamps

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Ho Ho Ho-Open House

November 16, 2010 at 11:35 AM

Hi Y-all,

Just a quick reminder to make sure you do not miss out coming to our
 Ho Ho Ho-Open House this weekend.  I have been baking for 2 weeks
so we have lots of fancy goodies to eat.  We will be unveiling
"Candle In The Wind", featuring Marilyn Monroe &
Princess Di.  Also we will have framed a very limited edition of a
sketch of Marilyn Monroe. (ONLY 25!) and lots of framing specials if
you need some of your own pieces done.
For more details here is the link to our web site for your
Christmas Open House.

Please come out and join in our festivities, share some laughter,
and munch on some goodies.

PS  We have already sold quite a few of these pieces sight unseen!
The Marilyn Monroe prices are as follows:

100 SN′s of this print will be $423.00 with a pre-production
price of $373.00
10 AP′s (Artist Proofs) are $923.00 with a pre-production
price of $873.00 

 5 PP′s (Printers Proofs) are $1423.00 with a pre-production
price of $1373.00 

I can′t tell you how excited I am about this print.  Let me
know if you are interested or have a favorite number and I will see
if it is available for you.

Colleen Suchiu			

Christmas Open House

October 18, 2010 at 03:41 PM

HI Everyone,

Just a quick note to let you know that our Christmas HO HO HOPEN
House is coming up on November 20 & 21st this year. 
That′s only 6 more weeks!  Mark it on your calendar so you
don′t miss out on all of our specials.

Colleen Suchiu			

Marilyn Monroe & Princess Diana

October 18, 2010 at 03:38 PM

(to be unveiled at our Christmas event)

If you are a Marilyn Monroe or Princess Diana fan then you are going
to love Ron’s next art piece Candle In The Wind.  Imagine the song
that Elton John composed.  It was first about Marilyn Monroe and
about how short her life was “Your candle’s burned out long
before your legend every will”, then he changed the lyrics for a
tribute to Princess Diana.  
So…picture Marilyn Monroe standing over a glossy ebony grand
piano, blowing out a candle that is on a beautiful candle stick in
front of her and in the reflection on the piano is Princess Diana
but the candle in front of her has just a wisp of smoke. 
We will only be producing 100 SN of these very special pieces.  Each
piece will be an original canvas giclee’.  Meaning Ron will paint
a small portion on each canvas print, he is thinking of painting the
rose that will be laying on the piano. (As in Elton John’s song he
said that Diana was England’s rose.)

I have seen his sketch.  Wow!  Marilyn Monroe is breathtaking. That
women was the epitome of beauty!  I am so excited about this piece,
I can hardly wait until it is done.

Colleen Suchiu