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Tallan Noble Latz in "Channeling the Blues" - signed by Tallan Noble Latz

Tallan Noble Latz in

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"Blues child" and "Blues at 11" are written and performed

"channeling the blues"
"After watching a video of Joe Satriani at
age five, I turned to my dad and said; That's
what I want to do with my life!"
~Tallan Noble Latz~

"Did you ever wonder what goes on in a
powerful, natural Blues players head when he
shuts his eyes, digs in, and lets the music
do its work? And where does he go to when his
is truely ... Channeling the Blues?!"
~Ronald Suchiu - celebrity artist~

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Tallan Noble Latz in All of Ronald Suchiu's remarques are original watercolor paintings not mere pencil sketches. Ronald Suchiu takes the print you have ordered and personally paints a remarque onto it. This definitely adds to the collectable value of your artwork.

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Comment from the internet: Joyce writes: "Beautiful background looks just like him what an amazing youngster channeling is right I also believed that when great people pass their whole essence blows out into the universe this young man inhaled some of that magic I have been enjoying the blues since 1950′s so many talented young ones today love and light new Mexico, USA"

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