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 HMCS SHEARWATER by Artist Ronald Suchiu

hmcs shearwater

hmcs shearwater

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Get on board and order your print of Canada's first Navy Ship, HMCS SHEARWATER (circa 1910). This art comes completely framed with a piece of the original 100 year old mast.


I call international artist Ronald Suchiu (pronounced Sue-Chew) the Forrest Gump of the art industry. He always seems to be there at the right time and place. One of Suchiu′s collectors who is involved with HMCS HUNTER in Windsor, Ontario, Canada contacted Ron and told him of a wonderful artifact that he had in his possession. It is a piece of the aft mast from Canada′s first navy ship the HMCS SHEARWATER. Long story short, Ron had been looking for something to do to honour 2010 the year of the 100th Anniversary of the Canadian Navy. This is so exciting for Suchiu fans, history buffs or nautical collectors. The HMCS SHEARWATER was Canada′s first naval ship! What are the chances of you owning a piece of Canada′s first naval ship?


HMCS SHEARWATER was a sloop originally commissioned HMS SHEARWATER (1900) for the Royal Navy. She was built at HM Dockyard Sheerness, England and was launched February 10th, 1900. By the 1910′s she had become one of the last two remaining warships in the RN′s Pacific Squadron based at Esquimalt, British Columbia. The RN′s Pacific Squadron was phased out in 1914 with the start of World War I. The sloop HMS SHEARWATER was transferred by the British Admiralty to the Royal Canadian Navy. They were re-commissioned on 8th September 1914; at this time, HMS SHEARWATER was re-commissioned as HMCS SHEARWATER. (HMS, His Majesty′s Ship to HMCS, His Majesty′s Canadian Ship) SHEARWATER′s two 4-inch guns were put ashore to defend Seymour Narrows when the first world war broke out, and her crew was sent to Halifax to man HMCS NIOBE. The Admiralty agreed to lend SHEARWATER to the RCN, and on the 8th of September 1914 she was commissioned as a tender to the newly acquired submarines CC1 and

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 hmcs shearwater - remarque All of Ronald Suchiu's remarques are original watercolor paintings not mere pencil sketches. Ronald Suchiu takes the print you have ordered and personally paints a remarque onto it. This definitely adds to the collectable value of your artwork.

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CC2. In the summer of 1917 she sailed with
her charges via the Panama Canal to Halifax.

She was paid off 13th June, 1919 and in 1924
sold into mercantile hands and renamed VEDAS.
Her register was closed in 1937. This now
merchant ship had many civilian duties and
somehow ended up in the Detroit River some
say anchored off shore during the rum running
days by the infamous rum runner 

Harry Low and used in the selling of illegal
whiskey. The very same Harry Low who built
the house that Prime Minister Paul Martin was
raised in.

The ship was eventually sold for scrap but
the dealer John Kovinsky had the 114 foot aft
mast made of one single fir tree erected as a
monument in loving memory of his late wife.
It was placed in Mic Mac Park, in 1937 and
then relocated to Assumption Park, both in
Windsor, Ontario, Canada. Years past and the
aging wooden mast wrought from its stone base
and fell and broke. The city′s parks
department carried it off and chopped up the
That′s when this wonderful collector of
Suchiu Art, and obviously a lover of history,
realized what had happened and asked to
acquire and save the chopped up pieces. Thus
is the saga of the SHEARWATER.

So now you can be part of the final chapter
of this intriguing saga and personally own a
real piece of Canada′s history!

Only 100 s/n prints will be
made in honour of the Royal Canadian
Navy′s 100 years of service.  The
prints will all come beautifully framed and
include a section of the mast and a
descriptive plaque.

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