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David Suzuki in "Metamorphosis" - signed by David Suzuki

David Suzuki in

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Before producing my paintings, the concept is
usually planned with a short story. This is
the story I envisioned of Metamorphosis.

It′s summer vacation. Your young body is
awakened earlier than normal by the robins
outside your window and you have an exciting
feeling come over you that makes you feel
that the entire world is calling you into an
incredible adventure. So you grab a pair of
pants and a shirt from the chair by your bed
and head for the back door...quietly of
course...you don't want to wake anyone who
might ask questions and break the magic spell
that has got a hold of you.

Quickly looking around, you gather a few
items; an old green knap-sack, your handmade
net (the one that Dad helped you make), and
on the way through the kitchen you snatch a
canning jar, just in case and oh yes...an
apple for sustenance on your journey. You're
pulled along by that mysterious force to the
same piece of marsh shore you've been to a
hundred times before. Seeing a bright green
frog on the water's edge, you carefully slip
your net over him and prepare to release him
into the jar. Realizing that the container
should have water in it to allow your
temporary friend a more comfortable
surrounding, you place your jar in the pond,
scoop up some water and then gently set the
frog in.

As you lift the jar up to allow the morning
sunlight to filter through, you suddenly
notice several small black creatures swimming
around your new companion. Your shock turns
quickly to amazement as you discover that
these unexpected guests are tadpoles and all
parties in this jar are the same creature at
different stages in life. Although you know
so little about them at this moment, you are
breathlessly intrigued.

...Forty years later you're drawn again. No
knap-sack handy, but you do have a net and
this time a beaker. You are drawn to the same
spot and you smell those same smells. A
shiver grows rapidly up your spine as you
experience a very healthy shot of melancholy.
You spot that frog, but this time as you
scoop up some water, it′s not quite as
clear as you once remembered and there are no
black creatures in the beaker with your old
friend...but this time you know him so much

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David Suzuki in All of Ronald Suchiu's remarques are original watercolor paintings not mere pencil sketches. Ronald Suchiu takes the print you have ordered and personally paints a remarque onto it. This definitely adds to the collectable value of your artwork.

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You realize that the magic is weaker. You are
more aware of the sensitive world around you
and that you possess the strength and spirit
to help put back those missing pieces.

So you are once again pulled by that
force...you are that same creature stooping
at the waters edge...but at a different stage
in life.

A Special Request By The Artist
My personal life statement is, "I, Ronald
Suchiu, must help to make the world a better
place through my depth of vision." Please
look as deep as you wish into my painting
"Metamorphosis", but never forget that it is
merely an illusion. On the other hand ...Dr.
David Suzuki is very real and he deals with a
very real world that has many very real
problems. I only request that whenever you
have a chance to hear David speak...Listen to
him...Believe in him. He is being driven by
forces and feelings few of us will ever

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