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 JANE GOODALL IN "TO TOUCH AN ANGEL" by Artist Ronald Suchiu

Jane Goodall in "to touch an angel" - signed by Jane Goodall

Jane Goodall in "to touch an angel"

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"to touch an angel"

The second painting of Ronald Suchiu′s Living Legend Series focuses on Dr. Jane Goodall. Her outstanding long-term studies and her self-gained, ground breaking knowledge of chimpanzees have made her a world renowned Eco-Hero. Even after accomplishing a life mission which demanded unparalleled courage and devotion, Dr. Goodall went on to not only oversee one of the most steadfast, environmental groups in the world, The Jane Goodall Foundation, but she has also taken it to heart to devote most of her waking hours to teach us what we need to know about our sensitively balanced world. In quoting Ronald Suchiu, "No one will ever write two or three paragraphs that will even scratch the surface on what makes Dr. Jane Goodall a Living Legend." I was deeply honored and very humbled when painting "To Touch an Angel" I could only expect to give you a diminutive moment in time. This moment I offer you is made up of a situation that has happened ever so rarely in our species conscious history. Look carefully into the faces of Dr. Goodall and her dear friend and you will might also feel a hint of the magical emotions that are created when two totally unique life-forms commune so powerfully as to alter history.

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 Jane Goodall in "to touch an angel" - remarque All of Ronald Suchiu's remarques are original watercolor paintings not mere pencil sketches. Ronald Suchiu takes the print you have ordered and personally paints a remarque onto it. This definitely adds to the collectable value of your artwork.

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Fans & collectors comments:  (click here to leave a comment)

Christine D. writes: I received the Jane Goodall piece recently and it looks amazing! Colleen, you did a great job on the framing. I just love the wood frame and moss-like matting. Ron, the art looks so life-like, touching and inspirational to my environmentally-focused office.

Mary of JGI writes: Jane Goodall is delighted that this partnership has developed with JGI Canada because the team there is so effective (and ‘lean’ too!), so we know that the funds will go to developing programs, where it is needed most.

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