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June 2008


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June 2008

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"Making the world a better place"

Inside this issue:

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  • Empty Garden and Puddle Pals are already most sold out
  • World famous LA marketing company to brand Suchiu
  • Enchanted Tea Party unveiling at Ronstock
  • Suchiu and Jane Goodall team up for a 3 to 10 year project

new art, new endeavors, new adventures

I have been around Ron for over 30 years and have never seen a man with such conviction, fervor, passion, whatever you want to call it. We all know by now, these extreme values are part of the soul and fabric of who Ronald Suchiu is and it is wonderful to be near someone with such certainty and belief. This man is on a mission with a full tank of gas and at today′s gas prices he′s not about to waste a drop!

We have had a whirl-wind year to date with a steady stream of accomplishments pertaining to his art career.

On the marketing end of things, Ron and I met up with Jane Goodall and her team over the past few

months and in January we agreed to take on a massive project to raise money for the Jane Goodall Institute.

We have also just signed a deal with Celebrity Management International who will take over the management end of the Suchiu career. Another deal is in the works with a well known company out of Los Angeles for the branding and marketing of the Suchiu name.

On the sales end of his career, he has several commissioned originals booked and another was ordered just this week. Some of our limited editions are getting low and will soon be sold out and Suchiu′s newest one,

the "Enchanted Tea Party" will be completed and unveiled at our RONSTOCK event in June.

Don′t forget RONSTOCK is scheduled for June 21st & 22nd. Lunch is on us, lots of art and framing specials, entertainment and just for attending you will receive a FREE limited edition Suchiu print. This year is the start of a nostalgic series ... a drive-in restaurant complete with a carhop!

As I pause for a breath let me ask, is it true that North America′s economy is not doing well? We′ve been too busy to notice!

Read on and enjoy.
_ Colleen Suchiu

Suchiu & The Sopranos′ ...Bada Bing!

Suchiu never stops giving and so he was true to form when he and his wife attended a charity gala at New York′s Gotham Comedy Club along with 14 cast members from the Soprano′s. Here is a description of the evening from one of the wise guys: "All of Suchiu′s art was place center stage like a stiff in a wooden kimono for the entire evening before being auctioned off and raising lots of spinach. Over five large! Let me tell you Suchiu and his art was no weak sister that evening. He′s a great jobbie a real right gee. Does a lot of good for the neighborhood ... capish?"

Suchiu and The Soprano's ... Bada Bing!