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June 2008


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suchiu & jane goodall team up again!

Jane Goodall and Green Earth Artist Ronald Suchiu When Suchiu and Jane Goodall met some 12 years ago they struck an instant friendship as both discovered they had the same goal in life. Ron has always carried a card in his pocket stating that he must help the world to be a better place through his art and depth of vision. Jane′s motto has always been to "help make the world a better place". When I saw Jane at an event last year, while Ron was in New York, she mentioned to me that she wanted to get together with Ron and do another art project. When we all met up again one project turned into several years of projects which in turn will produce a lot of art and lots of funds for the Jane Goodall Institute.
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Jane is asking her celebrity friends to be a part of this initiative. She has already written a letter for Ron to use which introduces him as her fundraising partner and "Green Earth Artist" friend. This is an extremely powerful tool that Jane has given our team. Names that where flying around the table that day from Jane were Harrison Ford, Al Gore, Angelina Jolie, George Clooney, Perce Brosnan and the list goes on. Of course we always like to hear from you if you have any suggestions. Together with these celebrities an art project and limited edition prints will be produced and sold. Some will be sold to individuals like yourselves, others will be bought out by corporation who want to show their support in going green. Even if you are a smaller corporation or business owner and want to show your support give us a call.

This program is in the beginning stage and because you are what Ron and I like to call "family" you are hearing about it first before it really spools up and goes public. Now I will tell you what is in store for stage two.

Because of the caliber of Ron′s art and the fact that he has been a crusader for the environment for many years now, a well known marketing company out of LA has approached Ron to brand, market and connect him and his art on a global level. I can′t release names and final details as we are still in the negotiation phase and since this is up to our new management, I certainly do not want to step on any toes. But I will tell you this is BIG! This action should take Suchiu Art to a completely new level which will definitely benefit you, the collector. This company is talking about putting Suchiu Art and the artist in front of major events, art shows in New York, the Hampton′s, Laguna Beach, Miami, I think you get the picture. It is a very interesting company that also connects corporations who need a cause with celebrities like Ron who have a cause.

So there you have it, you have been given the inside scoop so if you are planning to buy more Suchiu art, now would be a good time.

- Colleen Suchiu

Hero's Garden painting - Artist Ronald Suchiu

going, going, almost gone!

We just want to keep you updated so you don′t miss out on the following Suchiu prints. One of Ron′s newest pieces is selling fast. Remember the Hero′s Garden that was unveiled just last year? The piece that was painted in translation of Elton John′s song Empty Garden? The one with the Beatles in it, John Lennon at the door? Well if you are at all interested this is your warning. It is getting very low, so order