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June 2008


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Puddle Pals painting - Artist Ronald Suchiu your print now! It was a volume restricted run to begin with of only 100 prints, 10 artist proofs (AP) and 5 printers proofs (PP). When you finish reading about what is happening with the Suchiu name I am sure you will want to take advantage of these offerings for future investment.

Another piece that has been an all-time favorite and is almost SOLD OUT is Puddle Pals. This is one of those special images that everyone falls in love with. It is a gentle piece that gives you a feeling of comfort when times where simple and free from care. People have given this for wedding gifts, birthdays, retirements, and it is one of those rare collectibles that will remain with the family for generations to come. Even if you already have one and since it is only $125.00 you may want to pick another one up for a future investment as they will soon hit 2nd market status.

You are officially warned that these two Suchiu treasures will soon be "Going, going ...gone!"

new management team

New Management Team of Artist Ronald Suchiu Ronald Suchiu just wants to paint. He has been complaining for years that he just wants the chance to advance and hone his skills as an artists. Most will agree that his talent is unmatched by anyone alive today, but as Suchiu says, "I have been 90% business and 10% artist for too long. I need to turn that around." So the quest to improve this situation has been answered.
Suchiu wants to be an artist 90% of the time. Celebrity Management International wants to make it more like 98% of the time.

Suchiu Art has just signed on with Celebrity Management International who will oversee the administration, supervise the marketing, assist in decisions on new locations and events and let our world class master concentrate his true talent, painting. Suchiu knows he has it in him to be today′s Dali, Da Vinci or Rembrandt and he will now have the chance to prove it.

A very wise Daniel P. Reeve, who owns Celebrity Management International, realized that Suchiu′s amazing ability has the potential to become a household name.

Author, educator and entrepreneur Daniel P. Reeve has been counseling Canadians for more than thirteen years and has built one of the nation′s most successful financial firms. If you are from the Windsor area you may remember the Olive Garden restaurant which has been professionally transformed into a gorgeous megaplex that houses DPR Financial Inc., Millionaire Travel, Celebrity Management International, meeting facilities with board rooms, private client rooms and an amazing custom built 200-seat theatre for presentations and conferences.

Mr. Reeve and his team also have offices in London and a fourteen thousand square foot complex in Waterloo. Early on DPR would thank their clients for their patronage in a variety of ways with weekend getaways to Toronto or Niagara-On-The-Lake complete with luxury transportation. When Daniel noticed the quality of these services slipping and was not up to the expectations that he felt his clients should receive this "Chief Visionary Officer" purchased his own Inn/Spa, Jakobstettel Inn in St. Jacobs. He then partnered with a travel company and limousine service which virtually became a new company, Millionaire Executive Services. All of these services now provide the flawless standards that Daniel expects.

We all know that for any calling to advance properly, experts are needed to take care of business so an artiste can concentrate solely on